Who is Five Steez?

Over the past decade, Five Steez has unprecedentedly carved a lane for himself as an independent Hip Hop artist from Kingston, Jamaica through thrilling performances and a sizable critically acclaimed catalogue.

Reminiscent of Hip Hop’s golden era, with a common man’s perspective and an unheard Jamaican narrative, Five Steez’ music has been described by critics as ‘poignant’ and ‘soulful’, with lyricism full of imagery, storytelling and wit.

Five Steez seemed to burst onto Kingston’s live scene in 2010. By the end of the year, he and New York underground radio icon, DJ Ready Cee, began releasing a trilogy of mixtapes, the first being The Momentum: Volume One.

In 2012, Five Steez released his debut album War for Peace, receiving great reviews even in the iTunes Editors’ Notes. Also, with fellow members of the four-member collective, The Council, he co-founded Kingston’s premier Hip Hop event, Pay Attention (2012 – 2015), shedding light on the city’s underground Hip Hop movement.

The Jamaican capital was further represented on the 2014 EP, These Kingston Times, listed by World Hip Hop Market as one of the year’s best international releases. Five Steez followed up this EP with another in 2016 – HeatRockz, entirely produced by Mordecai.

Fresh off the 2017 release of The Council’s Nothing Else Matters, he and Mordecai will continue in early 2019 with the Love N Art album. Known for his consistent work ethic, fans can look forward to more projects, live shows and events from this talented MC.

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